52 Weeks of Terry's Life

1 A Hot Ride … Beautiful Cars on Display at the Ritz Carlton


I have always wanted a blue Cadillac convertible, so when I saw this, I said, “This is my HOT RIDE!”
1 A Hot Ride 2013 10 27_3211e
There are two others that I could not resist sharing as well.
A Hot Ride 12013 10 27_3212
1 A Hot Ride 2013 10 27_3213e



A1 Black and White — Meeting New Friends

A1 Black and White

On Saturday my husband and I played 18 holes of golf then decided to go to the Lido Key Tiki Bar by the Ritz to have the best Mai Tai in Sarasota. While there I noticed these two cute ladies dressed in black and white and thought, “Oh my heavens, this is my Black-and-White Theme!” I went up to them and told them my story about 52-week blogging and asked if they would be my theme. The brunette fluffed up her hair, and they immediately started posing for me with the sunset in the background. What a great way to meet new friends!


4 Architecture Katherine Harris Mansion

4  Architure Harris Mansion H

4  Architure Harris Mansion E

As we ride our bikes throughout downtown Sarasota, we are always looking for beautiful homes. We discovered this one a while ago while it was still under construction on the Bay of Sarasota. At that time, we had just spent some time in France and had visited the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. We managed to sneak into this new mansion and walked around through the entire house. The French influence is everywhere with extensive moldings very similar to what we had seen at Villa Ephrussi. Maybe the Villa was an influence on the design! We found out later that this new house belongs to Katherine Harris (former Congressman from FL and Secretary of State in FL at the crucial time that George Bush was elected President based on her call). According to the Sarasota Tribune Herald, this is a $4.2M French-inspired mini-palace with approximately 23,000 square feet of which 18,000 are air conditioned. These photos were taken recently while on another bike ride!